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Apitech ecu tuning

I have some questions when it comes to installing a wire in standalone ecu into a vehicle that is not supported by a plug and play package.

It could be any brand ecu, link, haltech etc I am not referring to any specific brand. I want to delve into some things that the courses have not specifically addressed but you are likely to encounter in the real world. Most times, Andre you are using plug and play set ups that comes with all the required calibration data. My question is, when installing on a vehicle that is not supported specifically, how is this addressed?

Or would the correct thing to do be to change all of these sensors to sensors sold by the ECU manufacturer that come with the required data? I have been re-doing all my HPA courses and I can see the importance of having proper injector characterization data in particular. On this one, I am leaning on recommending always changing the injectors to well supported ones eg Injector Dynamics, but the problem I foresee happening, at least for me, here in Trinidad, "tuners" have been setting up stand alones on engines with no characterization data and I assume simply correcting for it on the main fuel table.

I guess the tuners and customers alike here lack the appreciation of doing this Same goes for all the other sensors I have mentioned I rarely hear of people changing the factory sensors either so I assume the data input here in Trinidad is just maybe a best estimate. Lastly, and this is directed to Andre, have you guys considered doing a webinar and delving deeper into trigger sensors?

The courses touch on this but don't really go into great detail I've found. For instance, I lack the understanding of the different types of triggers wheels out there and exactly how they work I've heard numbers being thrown around when it comes to trigger wheels and to be honest I havent got a clue what they mean. I think a webinar going into some more detail may benefit all of us, what do you guys think?

You will find most aftermarket ECU's will have options different calibrations etc for most sensors water temp, air temp etc which will cover major brands, in some cases where the calibration isn't available you will be able to create your own calibration table, test the sensor and input the calibration data very rarely needs doing.

Generally the time consumed doing this out weighs replacing the sensor with a supported option.

apitech ecu tuning

As for other things like injector data. Once again most aftermarket ecus will give options for deadtimes. Unfortunately though getting information for short pulse width adder and minimum pw for most factory injectors in pretty impossible. In the perfect world having all the data possible for injectors is ideal however this isn't always possible and customers don't want to pay for something if their current injectors are up to the task.

In this case when the data isn't available then generally I will zero the short pulse width adder and minimum pw and just use deadtimes.

Like I said its not the ideal situation. With trigger systems and after market ecus this one may require some customization. As you said you don't have much knowledge towards the trigger system ill explain a little further. Whats this means is that there is a trigger wheel on the crankshaft or even camshaft with 60 evenly spaced teeth but with 2 missing so essentially its 58teeth with a large gap where 2 teeth should be these missing teeth give the ecu a reference point as to where in the cycle the engine is.

If you just had 60 teeth the ecu would have no idea where tdc is, but with 2 missing and the offset of those 2 missing teeth and tdc is put into the ecu the ecu now knows where tdc is.

This doesn't have to be though, it could be, The you go one step further and add a sync pulse, this is a single pulse on the cam shaft when using main trigger on the crank. Now not only can we tell the ecu where tdc and crank position is we can also tell it which cylinder it is firing on. Also when you run a sync you don't need to run any missing teeth on the crankshaft trigger as the cam sync will do that instead. Now you could have a 60 tooth crank and single sync, or if you want you can still run a plus a sync, basically whatever you want providing it is evenly spaced.

The problem with factory systems is they like to customize their trigger systems and have their own trigger pattern to work with their ecu.Register an account for free right now! Review the board rules and regulations. Forums New posts Search forums.

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apitech ecu tuning

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ECU tuning questions. Thread starter jaynus Start date Jan 11, I need to know the following: Stock ECU pwede ba ma-remap?

How much kaya aabutin sa aftermarket ECU? Thanks po sa mga sasagot. Last edited: Jan 11, I doubt kung ma break nila ang password ng factory ECU ng motor mo.Tune: tps calibration Fuel adjustment Advance ignition Mapping near tu std spec. Masa dtg pomen dah set map utk spec Advice : kena check blk magnet coil dan rectifier takut ada problem.

Advice: susah nak start, masa scan nampak bacaan batery x stabil dan drop. Sesi fid Sym rider otai dr banting. Moto paling rare setakat ni. Mmg mantop bro. Error lepas reset settle x naik lg. Ect sensor cleared. Dah clear error x nyala dah lampu check enjin, tp klau naik lg kena check soket ect sensor tu. Repeat fid sbb bru tukar plug brisk xline pullop. Kemungkinan permasalahan adalah dr ecu apitech, utk kepastian minta owner guna dulu ecu std tgk jd blk x masalah tersebut.

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Spec : ejos rapido Tqvm bro atas sokongan dan kepercayaan anda. Harap maklum. Problem : respon enjin mcm kurang power. Tune: tps calibration Fuel adjustment Advance ignition Mapping near tu std spec Masa dtg pomen dah set map utk spec Spec : uma air filter Problem : motor pernah tumbang.

Klau top gear mengerang kena turun skit ratio spoket belakang utk dpt top dan enjin lembut skit Tqvm bro atas sokongan dan kepercayaan anda yg berterusan. Problem : lepas upgrade barang2, top x berapa nak pergi. Tqvm bro atas sokongan dan kepercayaan anda yg berterusan. Tqvm bro atas sokongan dan kepercayaan anda. Problem : check enjin menyala Ect sensor error cleared Dah clear error x nyala dah lampu check enjin, tp klau naik lg kena check soket ect sensor tu.

Spec : plug ngk irridium.Department of Transpertation.

ECU Programmer Tech Support Blog

When it comes to modifying your vehicle for more powereventually the time will come when you will need to tune your cars computer to match all of the modifications that you have added since the car was stock. While most people are happy with the factory computers control and would just like to adjust it for the new modifications they have added, that is not always an option. Now you are left with two choices. A stand alone ECU is one that does just that….

apitech ecu tuning

Infinitely adjustable. Because the ECU is made to be tuned and modified, most companies in this market know that tuners what the ability to add, control, change things on the fly. Able to be fine-tuned specifically for your engine. Every engine is slightly different no matter how much you match another cars build blueprinting an engine.


The ability to tune the engine specifically for your engine is a big plus. Future mods can be added and tuned for, and there is no ceiling on the amount of power you can make and accommodate for. This means any gauges you have running out of that port will no longer function.

Also the vehicle will not be able to pass emissions. Using it for diagnosis will no longer work as well so you will most likely lose the check engine light function at this time also. While it is the reason why you go with this option in the first place, it should also be listed in the CON section since this means you have to tune every parameter on the car.

This is time consuming and will cost you money. Compatibility with Sensors and Dash. Depending on how the factory ECU was configured, you may run into problems communicating with certain sensors and gauges on your dash. Also the gauges that do work, will most likely have to have their parameters set up in the ECU. Again, more time and more tuning. Is the factory ECU still in the car controlling some part of the motor?

If the answer is Yes, than you have a piggyback. Another method is to intercept the Maf sensor and tell the ECU there is more air going into the motor than there really is.

Again, this would make the factory ECU compensate for the extra air coming in and add fueling. The piggy back will wire into the fuel injectors after the stock ECU so that you can add or take away fuel by either raising or lowering the injection time. Things can really get complicated when you realize that some signal wires have to be intercepted and modified before the ECU and some after the ECU. And some cars will work better using one method than the other. Figuring out the best set-up for your particular vehicle can be a never ending process.

Can be easier to set-up and tune. We will be putting this as a con as well because they can also be very difficult to set-up and tune depending on how hard the stock ECU fights you when you try and make adjustments or the wiring and manipulation you must do to get the factory ECU to do what you want. With the factory ECU in the vehicle functioning as it normally would, the car will still be able to communicate through the OBD-II port allowing you to pass emissions, scan for codes and problems, and use the port to run OBD-II gauges.

Piggy backs are usually a third if not a quarter of the cost of a full stand-alone ECU. Full compliance with all sensors and gauges in the factory dash. With no modifications necessary to the factory ECU or sensors, everything will still work just as it normally would. No matter how you try and trick them into doing what you want, they are too adaptive or too sensitive.The sub-band RF outputs are selectively switched to a common RF output port.

Sufficient sub-band overlap insures full band coverage for these DTOs. Request Pricing Information. Digital tuning is via a 16 bit, parallel input word. Several bits are used for selecting the desired sub-band and 12 to 14 bits are used for frequency tuning.

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Silicon semiconductors are used to provide the best possible phase noise and post tuning drift performance. API Technologies also supports the following optional DTO features: power output status indicator, phase locked module with phase lock indicator, internal heater for frequency stability over temperature, analog FM input. Hybrid MIC technology reduces overall package size and helps ensure overall system reliability.

Close Me! Digital Tuning Digital tuning is via a 16 bit, parallel input word. Custom Features API Technologies also supports the following optional DTO features: power output status indicator, phase locked module with phase lock indicator, internal heater for frequency stability over temperature, analog FM input.MoTeC MoTeC engine management and data acquisition systems are designed for performance, reliability and versatility.

Haltech The Haltech ECU manager allows you to tune your ECU with ease while monitoring all the vital parameters of your engine on easy to read gauges and displays. Integrates management of your maps, sensor calibration files, software data-logging, on-board data-logging retrieval and device firmware in the one neat package, allowing full control of your ECU.

Autronic The Autronic total engine management with 3D maps for both fuel and ignition. All offer three dimensional mapping of fuel and ignition and are full sequential up to eight cylinder. Support for up to twelve cylinder wasted spark. Also a four channel twin capacitor CDI ignition. Standalone Tuning Systems When you're looking for the ultimate in performance, these stock ECU replacements are what you're looking for.

You can even add a stand-alone to control timing, electronic fuel injection, and other engine functions on earlier model vehicles that don't have an ECU.

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Stand alone's support high grade sensors. When you're making high boost power or maximizing an all-motor application with ultra-light parts, you don't want any hiccups that may cause damage or even an undesired dismantling of you engine.

Standalone's can be found as plug-and-play for many popular vehicles, or can be directly wired to engine devices with a universal unit and supplied harness, typically replacing the stock wire harness.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Our Policy. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Klx ecu and exhaust swap out? Thread starter pluto Start date Jun 17, Joined Jun 17, Bikes klx Hello everyone! I am new to the forum. I have a standard klx fromwhich has been great fun riding.

However I am ready for a little more power and pick up. The local Kawasaki dealer, offered to swap out the ecu for baht and fit a thai made exhaust for another 5, baht. Has anyone done this and is happy with the results?

Is there anything I should be aware of ie: o2 sensor issues, hard starts etc The bike runs well but lacks a little top speed and doesn't go higher then k rpm Are there any other changes that could boost power a little without sacrificing fuel consumption and reliability?

Kawasaki teryx krx 1000 forum

More importantly, I would like to know if the swap out is worth doing and if the Thai made cans are good? Thank you. Happy riding. I've done the above mod and takes 5 minutes to do. I also fitted an end can from Home Motor Racing which I picked up when there, I doubt it increases power but does sound better and less wheezy.


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